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The self-serve smoothie machine that is all-natural, pre-packaged, with no added sugar and 100% vegan!
Project Outline
Pascal Kriesche & Morgan Abraham
Distribution & C-Store Consulting
Food Service
When We Met
March 16th 2022


We first met Pascal and Morgan at the NECSEMA trade show in March of 2022. At that time, Smoodi was making final adjustments to its machines, preparing for a big debut in the convenience-store market. Sawyer Island Consulting assisted Smoodi with navigating their supply chain and helped promote their product and brand, which lead to fruitful networking opportunities for all parties involved. Our relationship has only grown from there, and we look forward to assisting Smoodi's future endeavors.


Empowering people to build healthy habits through technology and innovation

Keith saw the drive and passion behind Pascal & Morgan's vision for Smoodi. They planned for every possible good or bad situation that could be thrown their way, allowing them to grow rapidly as a startup. Sawyer Island provided Smoodi with experience in navigating the supply chain, which helped them break into the C-store market.


The path to success in the C Store industry & beyond

When we met the Smoodi team, their machines were being tested on two main channels: inbound and trade shows. In 2021, Smoodi validated its technology and business model in the Northeast and North Carolina. After Sawyer Island joined the Smoodi journey in 2022, we started to expand their model nationally. They saw a huge potential in the corporate workplace, airports, gyms, fast casual restaurants, as well as schools & universities, among others.


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"For our small family-owned start-up, the experience with SIC has been life-changing. SIC has given us the support, guidance, and sometimes the tough love that was needed to move our vision forward."

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Emily Davis
Co-Founder, OpBox
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"They have never once delayed in assisting whenever we have turned to them, and they regularly remind me that the full support of their office is behind us. –– This is an office of both exceptionally capable and genuinely good people."

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Matt Hawes
Founder/CEO, Novel Beverage
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"Taylor and I were very nervous about giving up any stake in the company. Rugged Seas is a passion project for us. We met Keith Canning through a mutual connection, and it just grew from there."

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Nikki Strout
Founder, Rugged Seas
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