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Summit Springs

No Pumps. No Boreholes. Just Gravity. The only production of it's kind on the planet.
Project Outline
Summit Spring
Active Consultation, Active Investment
Beverage Manufacturing
When We Met
January 1st 2021


Founded in 1845, Summit Springs is the only remaining company that bottles water directly from the source, untouched by humans, filters or additives. The result: the purest bottled water on Earth, perfectly mineral balanced, and oh so refreshing. Keith Canning of Sawyer Island Consulting first met the current owners and operators of Summit Springs more than a decade ago. During that time, his appreciation for their team and their product has continued to grow. When SIC was founded in 2017, they engaged with Summit Springs in a formal relationship that continues to this day.


Scaling a mature business across three distinct verticals.

Our vision for Summit Springs was to safely and securely scale across three separate verticals: Convenience, Wholesale Distribution & On Premise Attractions. With the SIC team & our existing relationships throughout the supply chain, we knew that we were up to the task. Additionally, a decade of familiarity with the product gave us a substantial head-start.


Consulting & capital.

What started as a consulting relationship between SIC and Summit Springs shortly turned into a consulting & active investment project. In order to achieve our vision of scaling across the mentioned verticals, we took a five-pronged approach: Investment, Brand Discovery, Financial Planning, Market Analysis & External Expertise. In other words, our plan of attack was to hone in on the most powerful components of the Summit Springs brand, understand how the brand relates to the current market, and deploy our scaling strategy with a safe & stable financial strategy and help from an injection of capital. We work with Summit Springs daily to execute this approach.


Revitalizing from the ground up.

Summit Springs is a mature company, and a common problem we tend to see is that their brand strategy, financial approach & market literacy tends to become stale over time. We reinvigorated each of these components of the business with a fresh set of eyes and clear goals. We brought years of supply chain and distribution expertise to the table which allowed Summit Springs to efficiently enter new verticals. Additionally, we used our many connections within the supply chain of main to fuel our initiatives, place product in retail locations, acquire wholesale relationships and much more. We couldn't be more excited to continue to work with Summit Springs and see what the future has to offer!

Happy Partners

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"For our small family owned start up the experience with SIC has been life changing. SIC has given us the support, guidance and sometimes the tough love that was needed to move our vision forward."

Emily Davis OpBox Headshot
Emily Davis
Co-Founder, OpBox
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"They have never once delayed in assisting whenever we have turned to them, and they regularly remind me that the full support of their office is behind us. –– This is an office of both exceptionally capable and genuinely good people."

Matt Hawes, Novel Beverage, Headshot
Matt Hawes
Founder/CEO, Novel Beverage
Novel Beverage
Keef Cola Novel Beverages

"Taylor and I were very nervous about giving up any stake in the company. This is a passion project for us. We met Keith Canning through a mutual connection and it just grew from there. Keith has so much energy"

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Nikki Strout
Founder, Rugged Seas
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