About Us

More Than just consulting

A culture of empowerment, ambition & meaningful connections.

A consulting firm built on a passion for people.

Sawyer Island Consulting was built to bring people and experience together in meaningful ways. Over the past 4 years, we have successfully found a way to a culture of family, relationships and excellence. From our many successful partners to our young, impactful alumni, the SIC family is a special group.

At Sawyer Island Consulting, We aim to serve three main purposes: Provide knowledge, foster Expertise, leverage connections to create value, and provide capital to fuel growth.

We know that character, enthusiasm & experience breed success and we can't wait to see what the future holds for our partners, the city of Portland, & the state of Maine.
Our Values


Relationships based consulting fueled by compassion for our partners.


True growth cannot be achieved without the courage to believe in yourself and others.


True passion for our partners and their businesses.


Character builds relationships. Relationships build success.
Our Alumni

Our alumni prepared with front line experience and strong character.

We pride ourselves on creating opportunity for our hardworking young professionals. Throughout their time at Sawyer Island, we insist they immerse themselves in their field-of-interest. We task each member of our team to take on challenges, to learn, to grow, to fail, to succeed; and come out better on the other side.
We could not be more proud of what our alumni have accomplished both during their time at SIC and beyond. To our current SIC employees, and to our Alumni: Keep exploring, keep discovering and keep doing what you love.
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Maddy Agnew

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Zac Wogan


"Taylor and I were very nervous about giving up any stake in the company. This is a passion project for us. We met Keith Canning through a mutual connection and it just grew from there. Keith has so much energy"

Nikki Strout Rugged Seas Founder
Nikki Strout
Founder, Rugged Seas
Rugged Seas
Rugged Seas Cleaning Fisherman Bibs

"They have never once delayed in assisting whenever we have turned to them, and they regularly remind me that the full support of their office is behind us. –– This is an office of both exceptionally capable and genuinely good people."

Matt Hawes, Novel Beverage, Headshot
Matt Hawes
Founder/CEO, Novel Beverage
Novel Beverage
Keef Cola Novel Beverages

"For our small family owned start up the experience with SIC has been life changing. SIC has given us the support, guidance and sometimes the tough love that was needed to move our vision forward."

Emily Davis OpBox Headshot
Emily Davis
Co-Founder, OpBox
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