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Smoodi NECSEMA Golf Outing

SIC markets Smoodi at a golf tournament in Northborough, MA, held by New England Convenience Store & Energy Marketers Association
June 22, 2022

Morgan Stewart

Marketing Intern

"The NECSEMA golf tournament was a fantastic opportunity for Smoodi, all thanks to the SIC Team"

Pascal Kriesche
Co-Founder & CEO, Smoodi

This golf tournament held by NECSEMA at the Juniper Hill Golf Course was a great marketing opportunity for Smoodi. The tournament had over 200 golfers from many large corporations and chains that could enable Smoodi to take the next step in its journey to global success. We were fortunate enough to set up by turn where every group passed and by the conference tent that was filled up once the round was over. Our tent drew every participant to try samples and ask questions about our product, machine, and business. We were the only company stationed on the course giving out samples, which gave us a significant advantage in grabbing everyone's attention. We were also fortunate to have Kevin Platt, a partner of Keith Canning's, on the course recommending the product. By having a large pool of people coming to our tent, we were able to spread knowledge about Smoodi and connect with representatives that would best suit Smoodi and their machine. We talked with a few notable chains: EG group, Cumberland Farms, Gulf, and other large chains and beverage companies. Now, Smoodi has machines in small independent stores, and connecting with a large chain would allow us to make a giant wave in the industry. During the event, we received compliments, comments, and questions that I think the company can use to its advantage.
Many of these golfers needed a smoothie while participating in the activity on a hot day. We passed out samples and full-size smoothies to everyone. The consumers were immediately interested in the healthy drink, especially hearing that it was all-natural frozen fruit that they could see in the cups before blending. Many were baffled by the machine until I demonstrated the process and were highly impressed with it. Many representatives from these chains would question how it's different from F'real, the main competitor, and the first would be that it's a much healthier alternative. That interested them. Many questioned the performance of the machines, as F'real machines are known to be disastrous and require a large amount of maintenance. Having them see the process or do it themselves allowed them to see our machine's user-friendly and convenient nature. In addition, the preventative glass door around the blender assured them of minimal mess, unlike F'real. Also, the fact that the machine self-cleans and sanitizes was eye-opening for many people. Due to our great impressions of these participants, we were able to continue conversations about the possibilities of partnering. We were able to give out contact information so that they could communicate directly with Pascal and Monica. The NECSEMA golf tournament was a fantastic opportunity for Smoodi to exhibit its great product and mission to deliver fast and healthy smoothies across America and the world.

- Burr Rhodes, Summer 2022 Sawyer Island Consulting Business Management Intern

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