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SunRaise Investments is a mission driven commercial solar energy owner, operator, and development group.
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Sunraise Investments
Capital Contribution, Consulting
Solar, Finance
When We Met
January 1st 2021


SunRaise is a company aimed at providing reduced-cost electricity to towns, schools, hospitals & more. SunRaise is a unique piece of Sawyer Island's history as they were the first SIC partner. The relationship between SunRaise CEO Patrick Jackson and SIC's Keith Canning started in a spin class and grew into a combination of consulting and investment. Throughout our time together, we built an impressive company backed by an all-star team and successfully exited just three short years from that day in spin class.


Leveraging the power of relationships.

Our vision for SunRaise was centered around leveraging relationships to support entry into the market and talent acquisition. Our goal was to add to our growing team of industry experts and add to our already vast network of real estate connections. With this strategy, we could support the growth of SunRaise from the inside out. Soon enough, we would be providing exceptional value to our clients and the environment.


Relationships, contracts & capital.

The solution to the SunRaise growth initiative was based in our vision. That is, leveraging the power of relationships. We leveraged new and existing relationships throughout the project to secure contracts all over New England. Furthermore, we placed top-notch real-estate talent in key management roles to ensure safe growth and consistently deliver above our clients' expectations. To carry out the prescribed plan, we concluded that capital injection would be necessary and incredibly effective. Our goal of the attack was executed flawlessly and ended in a much-desired acquisition.


Hands on management.

To carry out our growth strategy, we decided with SunRaise that a hands-on management approach must be taken with all initiatives. The close involvement of SIC built and reinforced the trust between SunRaise and its clients. Outcomes were always designed to be mutually beneficial. The eventual acquisition proved to SunRaise and SIC that relationships, when leveraged honestly and effectively, are the most valuable resource in business.

Happy Partners

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"Taylor and I were very nervous about giving up any stake in the company. Rugged Seas is a passion project for us. We met Keith Canning through a mutual connection, and it just grew from there."

Nikki Strout Rugged Seas Founder
Nikki Strout
Founder, Rugged Seas
Rugged Seas
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"They have never once delayed in assisting whenever we have turned to them, and they regularly remind me that the full support of their office is behind us. –– This is an office of both exceptionally capable and genuinely good people."

Matt Hawes, Novel Beverage, Headshot
Matt Hawes
Founder/CEO, Novel Beverage
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"For our small family-owned start-up, the experience with SIC has been life-changing. SIC has given us the support, guidance, and sometimes the tough love that was needed to move our vision forward."

Emily Davis OpBox Headshot
Emily Davis
Co-Founder, OpBox
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