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As founding principal of Sawyer Island Consulting, Keith Canning brings more than thirty years of deep supply chain experience to each engagement. Through his career with Pine State Trading, one of Maine’s largest [convenience brand, tobacco and convenience product distributors], Keith has worked closely with manufacturers, brokers, mass marketers and convenience chains to develop, introduce, promote and merchandise new and existing brands to mass market consumers.

Working in collaboration with a bench of trusted, tested advisors, Keith is uniquely positioned to counsel new and existing Maine businesses in their efforts to develop and market products, and to establish marketing strategies and sales channels that enhance visibility, jump-starting consumer awareness. The SIC team’s intimate subject-matter knowledge and deep industry network helps partner brands in their efforts to raise consumer awareness, accelerate adoption and stimulate sustainable revenue growth.


SIC is a Maine-based, Maine-staffed consultancy committed to the establishment and growth of Maine-based business. We have a singular appreciation for the resourcefulness, commitment, work ethic and dedication of Maine entrepreneurs, and we tailor our support to meet the challenges – and leverage the opportunities – unique to the state.


With firsthand experience in startups, acquisitions, equity partnerships, exit planning and the growth and operation of family businesses, SIC is ideally positioned to help Maine businesses in their efforts to identify and leverage strengths, overcome shortcomings, and develop actionable strategies for success.

Sawyer Island Consulting's Chief Information Officer, Cristina Levy, moved to Maine in 2016. She was raised in Michigan and studied Art History and the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. 

Cristina has lived all over the country and most recently spent 10 years as a Equity and Futures Trader in Vancouver. She is an organized collaborative thinker with experience in sales, trading, risk management, and survived living on a farm in Whitefield, Maine where she saw more moose than people.

Christina currently lives in Cape Elizabeth with her husband.